Foodtech Accelerator Demo Day

Tuesday, 10:30 am

Italia Room


Discover the 7 most disruptive startups and their achievements in the acceleration program.

The FoodTech Accelerator is the Open Innovation initiative coordinated by Deloitte in partnership with Amadori, Cereal Docks, and Finiper, aiming at disrupting the Food, AgriFood, and Retail markets through concrete projects co-developed by the 7 selected startups.

Meet the 7 startups at the DEMO DAY and learn about the achievements reached during the 15 weeks of acceleration.

Closing the loop of Circular Economy

Wasteless - Dynamic price tags to reduce food waste

Rise - Upcycled by-products from beer spent grain for bakery products

Alternative Ingredients are transforming what we eat

ReOlì - Spreadable oil 100% vegan, a healthy and tasty alternative to butter

Planetarians - Sustainable food for generations

Omni-channeling healthy human and pet food

FeatFood - Healthy meal-kit for gym users digitally delivered

FeedOh - Healthy human-grade pet food to disrupt the pet food market

Reinventing the paradigm of Quality & Traceability

Inspecto - Nanoscale portable device to shift contaminants analysis from labs directly to fields


Foodtech Accelerator Demo Day:

A special event where investors and corporates can have deep dive meetings with the founders of the 7 startups of the FoodTech Accelerator DemoDay

The event is reserved for investors and corporates.

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